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EPISODE  25 | Marie Karuna | Yoga, Permaculture + Animals in the South of France

Together with her husband Adrien, Marie Karuna dreamed of creating a place where people could come and learn new skills that benefit animals, the planet, and our own communities, and in 2018, they made their dream a reality. Chival, in the beautiful Var region in the South of France, is an animal sanctuary, yoga retreat center, and a place where people from around the world can come and learn skills like permaculture, veganic gardening, and eco-construction--just the skills we need to develop our own vegan oases! Listen in and maybe you'll be inspired to start creating the world you want to live in, too.




Animals, Chival, Eco-Construction, Healthy Living, Nature, Permaculture, Retreats, Sanctuary, Var, Veganism, Workshops, Yoga 

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