EPISODE 5 | Carolyn Scott Hamilton | The Healthy Voyager

We’ve all been there: You spent months planning your dream vacation to, let’s say, the Galapagos Islands, and before you’ve even spotted your first Blue Footed Boobie, you start to feel it--a tickle in your throat, or a rumbling in your stomach, or worse. Healthy-travel expert Carolyn Scott Hamilton totally feels your pain--and she wants to help you avoid it!

Known across the blogosphere and beyond as The Healthy Voyager, Carolyn is a respected authority on vegan travel, plant-based nutrition, and green living. Her savoir-faire has won her guest-spots on TV shows, landed her on the cover of magazines, and even earned her a slew of prestigious industry awards. And have we mentioned she’s also a cookbook author and the host of The Healthy Voyager TV show? So, obviously, we’re thrilled that Carolyn spoke with us to share her Top 5 Travel Must-Haves to toss into your carry-on bag to make sure that your next travel adventure is a healthy one.


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