EPISODE 2 | Veggie Magnifique | Paris's Sweet Side

On today's podcast, we're talking to a pair of vegan Parisians to discover where to go and what to eat when we're craving something wonderfully sweet in the French capital.

Ann Christine and Chloe Dunn have done what so many of us only dream of: They packed it in in their respective countries—the United States and the United Kingdom—and moved to Paris to pursue their creative dreams in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

In 2015, the pair united their talents to create Veggie Magnifique, a popular digital platform in both French and English brimming with tantalizing recipes, videos, and advice on all things healthy, holistic, and delicious.

When they’re not busy creating fabulous content for Veggie Magnifique, Ann and Chloe are out there sharing their knowledge with eager crowds at Europe’s hippest veg events, and being featured on the pages of such illustrious publications as Madame Figaro and Elle Magazine.

Today, Ann and Chloe are taking a detour from their wellness focus and talking to us about one of our all-time favorite topics: Food! And not just any food, but French food. And not just any French food, but French sweets! Listen in as this fabulous duo gives us insight into the best spots to tempt your sweet tooth the next time you visit la ville lumiere.

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