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Autumn Joy

After two months of travel in France, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, we're back in Northern California, planning and plotting our 2020 vegan tours in France and Italy. We're so excited about these upcoming trips, and the prospect of getting to meet so many new people and share some of our favorite parts of the world with them. Sometimes, though, we get the chance to show guests some of the favorite spots in our own backyard here in Northern California, our home base in the United States.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of guiding two private clients on a bespoke tour that began with a bike ride through the forest, peaked with a vegan wine-tasting and gourmet lunch at a local vineyard, and culminated with a second cycling adventure through the autumn landscapes in the Sierra foothills. Our guests, eight-year vegans and fitness buffs with a love of the outdoors, wanted an adventure that included exercise, plant-based food, and a little something extra. We--with the help of a local winemaker--delivered!

Between bites of phyllo stuffed with local pumpkin and sage, polenta triangles topped with basil cream and caponata, and other tasty morsels, guests sipped local wines and discovered some of the secrets behind the wine-making process.

What's your idea of a fun and leisurely Sunday afternoon? Are you the wine-sippin', bicycling type, or do you prefer a city escape and high tea at a fancy hotel? Or maybe a day at the spa and a good book? We're curious!

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