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Cheese, Please

We've tasked ourselves with finding the best vegan cheese in France, and we can't decide if the award goes to La Marmite Vegetale here in the South of France, or to Le Faitout up north in the French capital. It must be a tie, then! They both share one thing in common (besides tasting exceptionally good), which is that they are made using traditional cheese-making practices, which gives them that rich creaminess and deep umami flavor that appeals to many cheese-lovers' palates. We were delighted to meet with the nice folks at La Marmite Vegetale, who were kind enough to give us a personal cheese tasting (even though they were closed that day and were in the middle of eating lunch). Quelle chance pour nous! Everything they make is super scrumptious and, if we could have, we'd have bought up their entire stock. (Too bad someone else reserved most of it before we got there!) Well, more excuses to keep returning, and--bien sur--to bring our guests in for a special tasting on the next June's Vegan on the French Riviera tour.

These aged cashew cheeses are made using traditional French methods and taste scarily dairy-cheese-like.

Look at all the different varieties. AND TEMPEH!!!

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