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Morning at the Market

We braved the crowded indoor Nuovo Mercato Esquilino this morning, looking for some #plantbased inspiration to break the pizza-pasta-pizza loop we've been stuck on for the last 2+ weeks. Well, we did buy some vegetables (gorgeous tomatoes, arugula, and cucumbers), but we just couldn't leave without buying something loaded with carbs, too. We were wooed by some focaccia, but ended up procuring something far more interesting: a savory bread stick thing made simply of flour, olive oil, red pepper flakes, and the most delicious smoky chicory greens. We could eat this stuff every day!

We did leave with some of these cucumbers, which we'll toss in tonight's salad.

pizza, focaccia, ciabatta ... mama mia!

This was the food prize of the morning: a savory bread twist stuffed with chicory!

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