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This spring, we did what we've been waiting to do for two-plus years: we took a fabulous group of adventurous travelers to our favorite city on the planet, Paris! For one extraordinary week, we did what one does in the City of Light: we walked, ate, drank, and made merry. We took boat rides, bicycle excursions, enjoyed picnics, ventured out to Versailles to explore the gardens and the famous chateau, noshed plant-based cheeses, sipped exquisite wines, ate countless croissants, devoured world-class pastries, enjoyed a private tour of the historic Marais, and dined at the city's most fabulous vegan restaurants. It was a long time coming, so we were definitely making up for lost time!

Paris had changed somewhat since we were last there; bikes are supplanting cars in the city center (great news for cyclists) and in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games, the Seine is getting a major clean-up job. Hard to believe, but swimming events will take place in the fabled river! We can't wait to see that (if only on a TV screen). Some of our favorite vegan restaurants have disappeared since our last tour, which is very sad. We really missed Le Faitout's incredible vegan cheeses and owner Olivier's bubbly personality. Ditto for My Kitch'n, whose fabulous owner, Jenny, had to close because of the pandemic. Luckily a whole new crop of vegan spots have opened, including a citywide chain of boulangeries called Land & Monkeys. Everything they make is AMAZING, from the fluffy focaccia bread to the lemon tarts to the vegan quiche. A great spot for a quick lunch or a snack on the go!

Paris appears to have gotten a little looser since we were last on tour here in 2020. There's a sort of "anything goes" attitude when it come to fashion, hair, makeup, and gender conformity. We love the new free and easy attitude! Some thing haven't changed a bit though, and that includes the Parisian love of strolling, sitting at terrace cafes and enjoying conversation with friends, dining out at neighborhood bistros, and generally enjoying life. Vive la France!

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