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Paris, je t'aime!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

We landed in Paris on New Years Eve, and even though we were exhausted (we should have known better than to stay up all night bingeing on Julia Roberts flicks!), we met up with our friends (and fellow part-time parisians) Dawn and Tom for a glass of Champagne at one of our favorite caves and a full-on spicy Indian food lunch in the La Chapelle neighborhood. After wining and dining we were SO ready for bed, but knew we couldn't tuck ourselves into bed until at least 9pm if we had any hope of getting a good night's sleep and squeezing in some tour planning work on New Year's Day.

By 9:30pm, we were out cold!

The pluses of going to bed early are waking up early sans jetlag, so we spent New Years Day roaming the virtually empty city streets with our jetsetting canine, Fanny.

Note: That's a real dog and a faux-fur collar on Jeff's collar, bien sur! Before heading back to Vegan Epicure Travel Headquarters in the 12e arrondissement, we hiked up the hill in the 19e to Le Faitout, which is one of our absolute favorite spots in the city. Why? In a word, fromage. The owner, Olivier, is also a draw, as is everything else on the menu, which happens to be 100% vegan and 100% delicious.

The cheese and charcuterie plate at Le Faitout is our go-to.

Check out this sugar-bomb of a dessert. Oof!

That night we spent some quality time with our former Parisian neighbors, who created a lovely vegan apero dinatoire for us at their new home just outside of Paris.

The next day, it was back to work again, putting all the finishing touches on our upcoming May 2020 Vegan Food Lover's Tour of Paris with VegNews Magazine. It's going to be so great! P.S. You're invited!

We couldn't leave Paris without doing two more of our favorite vegan things: Catching up with Jenny at My Kitch'n in the 17e and sipping more Champagne, and having lunch at Tien Hiang in the Canal St. Martin neighborhood. So good!

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