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Retail Therapy, Roman Style

Rome was SO made for vegans! Between the pizza (so many #accidentally vegan varieties!), focaccia, fresh produce (zucchini! tomatoes!), and the crazy-amazing variety of #dairyfree gelato, we feel like we've died and gone to heaven. Adding to that already-magic urban vibe is FU(R)TURE, a vegan boutique brimming with lovely leather-free shoes, belts, socks, bags, and other accessories. We wanted to buy just about everything we found in this fabulous little shop!

So many cute shoes!

... and 100% cotton socks in super-fun colors and patterns.

These unisex(y) kicks are made from recycled/upcycled plastic fishing nets.

Lots of functional, high-quality bags here, including some from a longtime fave brand, Matt & Nat!

Come check out this sweet boutique next time you're in Rome!

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