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Vegan Hot Dog Hunt at IKEA

While driving home from San Francisco, we needed a quick snack, and decided to finally give the IKEA vegan hot dog a try. The Sacramento IKEA is an easy-off-and-on-the-freeway for us, so the plan was set. When we arrived, the parking lot was packed, and inside it was a swarm of holiday shoppers. Pro tip: Don’t make the same mistake we made and go looking for your ‘dog in the cafeteria. They sell them in the “bistro” right by the cash registers! We ended up in a crazy furniture maze trying to get to the right spot and are happy to say that it ended up being worth the struggle. The fried onion bits, red cabbage, and brown mustard really complement the toothsome hot dog. If you’re hungry out on the road--or just looking for a new couch--definitely check these Scandi-dogs out!

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