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(Vegan) Utopia

One of the best parts of scouting out our tour destinations is the serendipity that frequently comes into play. While speaking to a friendly woman at a cafe, we were told that Utopia--a new vegan Italian restaurant near Nice’s port--had just opened its doors that week, and that we should definitely check it out. We love traditional Italian food, especially when it’s vegan, so we immediately made our way across Nice to see if Utopia was special enough to be part of the Vegan on the French Riviera itinerary.

We were greeted warmly when we arrived, and the ambiance chic and cozy. We were sold before the food even arrived, and when it did it, it was amazing! From entrée to plat principal to dessert, the presentations were beautiful, and the flavors were fresh, varied, and complementary to each component of every dish. Utopia won us over, easily making it one of the top vegan dining experiences that we’ve had in Nice!

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