EPISODE 1 | Alex Bourke | Vegan London

On today's podcast (our first!), we're talking to Alex Bourke, the founder and publisher of Vegetarian Guides, a vegan travel guidebook publishing house based in one of our favorite cities: London, England.

2018 is a landmark year for Hackney-based Alex; 20 years ago, the longtime vegan launched Vegetarian Guides, which was, at the time, the only plant-based publishing house producing comprehensive guidebooks for veg travelers.

Some of Vegetarian Guides' first titles included Vegetarian Europe, Vegetarian Britain, and Vegetarian France, and since then, Alex has developed 15 titles and sold more than 80,000 books. Very impressive, even by mainstream publishing standards!

Today, Alex is best known for his vegan guides to London, a city where new vegan restaurants, shops, and events pop up, quite literally, overnight. It’s this expertise that landed Alex a regular travel-writing column in the UK magazine Vegetarian Living. He’s also a fixture at VegFests throughout the UK, and has presented at conferences around the world on topics ranging from Vegan 101 to How to Publish a Vegan Book.

On today’s podcast, we’re talking to Alex about what’s hot in London right now and what every vegan should absolutely not miss when visiting this super cool capital city. 

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