EPISODE 10 | Jeff Rogers | Vegan Epicure Travel | Bike Touring

Jeff Rogers is the co-founder and bike tour leader extraordinaire at Vegan Epicure Travel. Even though he’s a grade A certified travel fanatic now, it wasn’t always so; a self-described "former homebody," he preferred the comfort of his San Francisco abode to the excitement of globetrotting until he caught the travel bug about 10 years ago.

Today, Jeff is a reformed man; he's traveled the globe extensively by bike and otherwise, and lived abroad in France for seven years. His career in the bicycle industry spans decades, and over the years, he's worked in bicycle retail stores in San Francisco, cycle tourism management in Paris, and as a bicycle tour guide for other companies in France before launching Vegan Epicure Travel.

On this episode, we talk with Jeff about why French roads are safer for cyclists, what he loves most about seeing the world on two wheels, and what’s next for Vegan Epicure Travel.

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