EPISODE 9 | Kristin Lajeunesse | WTF Vegan Food | Vegan Travel

Many of us dream of traveling the globe and having an adventure-fueled life, but not all of us take those dreams to the next level. Today’s guest, Kristin Lajeunesse, not only turned her travel aspirations into reality, but created a career that could give her the freedom and mobility she desired.

In 2011, Kristin got the wild idea to travel to all 50 states and eat at every vegan restaurant on the map. After launching a successful kickstarter campaign, she set off on a multi-year adventure, eventually turning her experience into a fabulous memoir called Will Travel For Vegan Food. Since then, Kristin has continued her footloose lifestyle, doing the book-tour circuit and as a coveted speaker and presenter at conferences and vegan events worldwide.

In this episode, Kristin shares some of the travel tips that she always employs when she's traveling, and also gives us the inside scoop on her latest venture and where she's headed next.

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Will Travel For Vegan Food


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