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NEW! Cooking classes in the Loire Valley, Spring and Summer 2024.

Learning to cook isn't just fun, it's empowering. When you learn to cook, you can feed yourself, your friends and family, and entice others to explore the vegan lifestyle by preparing delicious food (our favorite form of advocacy!).

In our opinion, the best food is homemade food, prepared with fresh. local ingredients. For our cooking classes, we begin at the local farmer's market (Saturdays in Nevada City, Fridays in Montrichard), where we'll poke among the stalls looking for inspiration for our cooking class and meal to follow. 

This might look like fresh ravioli stuffed with butternut squash and sage butter; black bean tamales served with a fresh salsa made from sun-ripened tomatoes and piquant peppers; Vietnamese summer rolls brimming with crunchy vegetables and fresh herbs that we'll serve alongside a homemade peanut dipping sauce; or rustic polenta topped with succulent oyster and shiitake mushrooms grown right in the Loire Valley. 

We also offer private cooking instruction with tailor-made menus, and special classes built around specific themes including fermentation, vegan cheeses, plant-based meat, and other basic. 

Interested in an upcoming class? Check here to book a class on the calendar or send us a message for details on future dates or to inquire about private classes in the US, France, or virtual.

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