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What people are saying

"Such an extraordinary week--the planning was impeccable and everything was top grade. You and Colleen and Jeff--besides choosing the best eateries, croissants included--are totally amazing and provided an unforgettable outstanding experience."

—Judi, Chicago

"Aurelia's vegan dishes are creative, healthy and delicious. Jeff's knowledgeable biking leadership made for a safe and fun ride!"

—Nancy and Barry, Los Angeles

"Vegan Epicure Travel is a lovely way to experience local culture with like-minded individuals who share a passion for food. Each trip offers a diverse array of activities, from historical tours, to opportunities to experience local activities and markets, all while enjoying a wide-range of delicious foods from different cultures. Aurelia and Jeff strive to make the trips diverse and interesting, and are enthusiastic about the places they go. Their enthusiasm for people, places, and food is contagious and makes for a wonderful travel experience."

—Jenn, Portland, Maine

"This was easily one of the best vacations of my life! Aurelia and Jeff put together a tour that not only showed us the best of the region but also included time to meet with and talk to local vegan cheese-makers, wine-makers and restaurateurs. There were so many thoughtful touches to our trip and having everything so well planned ensured that we got to just relax and show up to days that were filled with fun, learning and yummy food!"

—Jessica, NYC

"Jeff & Aurelia are wonderful company and guides. I was fortunate enough to spend much time with them in Paris. They are knowledgeable and pour their hearts into what they are passionate about- veganism, travel, and fun!"

—Feather, Oakland, California

"Lovely people- delicious food!"

—Maryrose, Guilford, Connecticut 

“We have traveled with Jeff as our guide both in France and California.  Jeff is a true professional and his attention to every detail is outstanding.  He is able to manage tour groups with varying abilities, always making sure everyone has a good time.  He is also very adaptable to changing conditions and routes with ease, always with a smile on his face.  We have so many wonderful memories of our trips and we highly recommend Jeff and Aurelia. We hope to travel again with them in the future!”

—Susan and Brett, Ontario, Canada

"Wine, Women + Words was a fantastic experience. It combined everything I wished for: beautiful settings, delicious food, knowledgeable teachers and overall great company. It was such a special experience, I wish I could go back right now."

—Eve, Quebec, Cananda

"It was such a pleasure to be on a trip where EVERY detail was taken care of. I highly recommend Jeff as a guide and look forward to taking a trip with him again in the near future."

—Trevor, Oakville, Canada

"Aurelia and Jeff were exceptionally accommodating.  The people at the local art studio and winemaker were super awesome people! Fabulous food, fabulous people, fabulous time, everything fabulous! I told my husband Aurelia and Jeff did such a great overall trip I wanted to pay them more money!"

—Janice, Rough and Ready, California

"I've taken many solo trips but this was my favorite. It was just everything I needed right when I needed it."

—Jessica, NYC

"Wonderful informed guide, food and drinks were delicious, a great ride!"

—Mary and Barry, Truckee, California

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