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A Beachy Vegan Getaway

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

One of our favorite places to visit in California is Laguna Beach. It’s the quintessential southern California beach town, with tidepools and sandy beaches and surfers galore. And while it isn’t exactly a vegan haven, there are some spots we’ve grown to appreciate for their plant-based options.

Number one: Whole Foods. We don’t usually get too excited about this supermarket chain, but they carry delicious vegan blueberry bran muffins and carrot cake that we love, plus they’ve got a juice bar to balance out the sweets. If we’re cooking at our airbnb or hotel, we pick up the Kite Hill ravioli and fresh produce for a salad and voila: a homemade feast!

Another favorite spot is Taco Loco, where they’ve got an entire vegan menu of burritos and tacos including blackened tofu and veggie phish options. The guac is amazing and the people behind the counter are great, too!

And on our last trip, we discovered a new-to-us pizza restaurant called Slice (which, ironically, does not sell pizza by the slice!), where we were thrilled to find their 100% vegan “Plant Based” pie on the menu. Big enough for two, it came topped with Beyond sausage, Daiya cheese, organic tomato sauce, and mushrooms, peppers, and spinach. So good!

Our absolute favorite spot, however, is the all-vegan institution known as The Stand. They’ve been around since the ‘70s and make killer salads, soups, sandwiches, smoothies, and fresh fruit drinks. We love the vibe and the scene; there are always interesting people sitting outside at the few tables, enjoying their acai bowls, homemade tamales, and gourmet sprout sandwiches with a side of Have’a Chips.

Laguna is very expensive, and not just the food, but accommodations, too. Still, we recommend this little gem of a city if you need a break and are craving salty sea breezes and a heaping dose of heady sunshine. You can’t help but love it here!

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