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Getting Portly in Portland

We felt it. Our pants getting tighter. A LOT tighter. We're pretty sure that's what happens to every vegan who visits Portland, Oregon, and tries to eat at every single vegan restaurant in the sprawling metropolis of 650,000. (NOTE: that didn't happen because there are more than 50 vegan dining spots in town and we were only there for three days!) It's not Portland's fault that we overindulged; we're grateful for the doughnuts and curries and banh mi sandwiches and mac and cheese and tacos and pizzas made without animal products. It's our fault for acting like kids in a candy shop and stuffing our faces non-stop for 72 hours. We enjoyed every minute in Portland (getting to see friends and family was part of the fun), but on the food front, these are the highlights: 1. Sipping festive cocktails and eating Chipotle Mac and Cheese at The Bye and Bye

2. Choosing among colorful deep-fried confections at Doe Donuts, including a crazy-good Tiramisu doughnut topped with a crown of whipped cream.

3. Gorging on Sri Lankan curry and coconut sambol at Mirisata.

4. Sipping prosecco and eating lentil kofta at The Sudra.

5. Noshing cauliflower "Impastor" and Soyrizo tacos at Tight Tacos after an afternoon of treasure hunting at Hollywood Vintage.

Portland, in spite of encouraging gluttonous behavior, we like you a lot. We'll be back soon to finish what we started, and next time, we'll pack pants with elastic waistbands.

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