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Cuckoo for Koko Green!

Koko Green is a super-popular place for brunch. Definitely make a reservation!

Tucked into a tiny pedestrian street in Vieux-Nice (the old town) is one of Nice’s best vegan restaurants, Koko Green. Owners Nicholas and Melina trained as a raw chef and naturopath, respectively, and together they create delightful weekly menus that have earned them well-deserved rave reviews. We can’t wait to introduce this dynamic couple to guests on our upcoming South of France tours, and, of course, enjoy another memorable dining experience!

If you want delicious gluten-free treats, fresh juices, or perhaps guilt-free desserts, Koko Green does it all!

Crispy cauliflower escalope perched on top of fresh pasta, with a tomato sauce that would make any Italian proud!

La crepe forestiere: A fermented crepe, creamy mushroom sauce, and mixed greens!

The customer favorite, Banoffee pie, made with banana toffee cream filling, coconut cream, on a crunchy chocolate crust. A favorite for a good reason!

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