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Vegan Gorilla

Willy and Camille Berton, co-owners of Vegan Gorilla and Amour Pâtisserie Végétale, are setting themselves apart within the talented and competitive vegan food scene in Nice, France. We’re impressed with Amour for their tasty organic, gluten-free treats and friendly staff. Vegan Gorilla is just as fabulous, with its creative takes on classic French cuisine, as well as globally inspired dishes.

Gaufre with butternut squash, mushrooms, cabbage, herbs, and savory "cream"

Tasty Ramen with tofu, nori, cabbage, green onion, and bean sprouts. Yummy!

The cooking profession runs in Willy’s family; his father built a reputation as a chef on the French Riviera and instilled a passion for cooking in his son. Willy has carried on the family trade, working as a professional chef for more than 20 years. Willy and Camille, inspired by a speech given by Gary Yourosky, adopted a plant-based diet, later leading them to acquire Vegan Gorilla three years ago. Willy introduces a fine-dining experience featuring fresh organic, gluten-free products that are in align with the couples values, which also includes a zero-waste goal for both businesses.

Willy Berton proudly displaying Vegan Gorilla's well deserved plaque!

Willy and Camille, not resting on their early successes, applied and were awarded, in 2017, the Premier Maître-Restaurateur of France, and just recently awarded a Michelin gourmet Bib, the first French vegan chef and restaurant to receive these accolades. No small feat being recognized by the most critical food establishments in the world, and considering the stringent requirements and restaurant audits that a chef needs to satisfy just to qualify. Willy, Camille, and Vegan Gorilla may be winners, but the real winners are us, having this dynamic pair elevating vegan fine-dining and pastry to the next level.

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