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A-Rome-A Therapy

After two amazing weeks on the Island of Ischia, we're back in Rome, and ready to eat anything besides pizza! (We never thought we'd tire of one of our favorite foods, but eating anything for two weeks straight will do that to you!) In Rome, it's all about pasta, and tonight, the highlight was this incredible pasta dish that the restaurant veganized just for us. Served in a hollowed half-eggplant, it featured perfectly cooked corkscrew pasta with eggplant, olives, and pistachios in a savory tomato sauce.

Dessert? Well, there's only one dessert around here and that's GELATO! tonight's cone featured a double scoop of nutty pistachio (we're nuts for 'em) and an extra-rich dark chocolate from Gelato San Lorenzo, where several vegan flavors are on offer every day.

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