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Vegan Hotels for the Win!

How awesome is it that we live in a time when "vegan hotel" is a travel category unto itself? We've had the pleasure of staying at many vegetarian hotels (in London, the south of France, and throughout India), but so far, just one that was exclusively vegan--The Stanford Inn. Last week, we got to return for two lovely nights at this cozy dog-friendly spot on the Northern California coast. (Our canine companion, Fanny, loves it here, too!)

How inviting is this front door? Very!

The rooms all have fireplaces (with "all you can eat" wood), decks with tables and chairs, bathrooms with tubs and all the accoutrements you could need, big-screen TVs and sound systems, a comfy sitting areas for lounging.

Guests get a complimentary teatime treat, which on this day was a crumble cake with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

The food here is a big draw; many non-guests come just to eat at The Ravens, the Inn's award-winning restaurant. On Wednesdays, they do a themed dinner (it was "Hawaiian" when we were here), plus they do a happy hour when all cocktails are half price. #LOVE

The first course during the themed "Hawaiian" dinner was this scrumptious spring roll.

Our favorite part of any stay here isn't the amazing food though, if you can believe it. It's the indoor pool and spa area! We could sit in that hot tub and sauna all day, and the pool is the perfect temperature for swimming laps. And sadly, we don't have any photos to share. We were too busy enjoying those amenities!

Tempeh florentine with a side of refried beans makes for one heck of a hearty breakfast!

Guests can also rent bikes and canoes to explore the nearby bike trails and estuary, which is teeming with birdlife. We even saw harbor seals as we paddled upstream! No otters this time, though.

That's us! We didn't get great photos of the harbor seals because we didn't want to get close enough to frighten them.

Everyone should experience a vegan hotel/inn/B&B once in their lives. If you can make it here, we guarantee you'll love it. And if you'd like to join us on our upcoming Vegan on the French Riviera tour, you'll get to experience another veg hotel with a whole slew of equally fabulous amenities, food, and things to do.

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